Thursday, June 4, 2009


In this term in IT, I have been busy with several projects about "Education For All"
I followed the design cycle throughout my projects:


To begin with, I started looking for information and pictures from different websites. I took screen shots of facebook pages, Flickr pictures and google sites. Once I developed some knowladge on the subject, I began designing an Iweb.

I put surveys, pictures and information onto my Iweb, that all connected to my topic "Education for all". When I finished my Iweb, I began putting my pictures onto an animoto and voicethread. On the animoto, i chose a song to play with the pictures. However when i made the voicethread, I recorded my voice to explain the pictures. Once I finished both of hese, I embeded them onto my Iweb.

The final part of my project was to make a brochure. I erally enjoyed using pages as it has good colours and templates, and of course its easy to use. I found lots of pictures and information to put on my brochure that all connect to World Education. I like my brochure because its colourful and fun.

Throughout the project, I have been updating my blogger. This is a good was to remember what you have done in previous lessons. This project has been a great experience and opotunity to study Worldwide Education.

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  1. I think your blog is complete and very detailed.
    Good job on that :)